JBIF:地球規模生物多様性 情報機構日本ノード



The Invasive Species Specialist Group (ISSG) aims to reduce threats to natural ecosystems and the native species they contain by increasing awareness of invasive alien species, and of ways to prevent, control or eradicate them.


Founded in 1974, Species360 is a mission-based, non-profit NGO serving the global community of zoos, aquariums and other wildlife organizations in 90+ countries. "Global information serving conservation" is our tagline, and we are helping our members save endangered animals from extinction.


The Global Register of Migratory Species (GROMS) summarizes our state of knowledge about migratory species. It consists of a relational database connected to a Geographical Information System (GIS). GROMS supports the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) and will serve both scientific as well as conservational goals, trying to bridge existing gaps.


The Global Invasive Species Database is a free, online searchable source of information about alien and invasive species that negatively impact biodiversity.


The Global Invasive Species Information Network (GISIN) was formed to provide a platform for sharing invasive species information at a global level, via the Internet and other digital means.


国際協力事業である地球規模生物多様性情報機構  (Global Biodiversity Information Facility:GBIF http://www.gbif.org/) に呼応する GBIF 日本ノードのホームページです。


Fauna Europaea is Europe's main zoological taxonomic index. Scientific names and distributions of all living, currently known, multicellular, European land and freshwater animal species are available in one authoritative database.


Morphbank :: Biological Imaging is a continuously growing database of images that scientists use for international collaboration, research and education. Images deposited in Morphbank :: Biological Imaging document a wide variety of research including: specimen-based research in comparative anatomy, morphological phylogenetics, taxonomy and related fields focused on increasing our knowledge about biodiversity.


The NatureServe Network empowers people to sustain biodiversity by making sure everyone has access to the knowledge they need to be better stewards of our shared lands and waters. We serve as an authoritative source of comprehensive, decision-quality biodiversity data.


The Pacific Biodiversity Information Forum (PBIF) seeks to develop a complete, scientifically sound, and electronically accessible Pacific biological knowledge base and make it widely available to local, national, regional and global users for decision-making.

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