JBIF: Japan Node of Global Biodiversity Information Facility

Why are Scientific and Japanese Names of Organisms So Difficult? The Key to Searching for Biodiversity Information

Event Overview

Date and Time: Dec. 12 (Sun), 2010, 1:00-5:00 pm
Place: National Museum of Nature and Science, Japan Gallery, 2nd Floor Auditorium (Ueno)
Organizers: National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo; University of Tokyo Graduate School of Arts and Sciences; National Institute of Genetics
Sponsors: Union of the Japanese Societies for Systematic Biology, Union of Japanese Societies for Natural History


Time Title Speaker and affiliation Summary Handouts
1:00-1:05 pm Opening Remarks      
1:05-1:45 pm Why do Names Cause Problems for Databases? Nozomi Itou (University of Tsukuba ) PDFファイル PDFファイル
1:45-2:25 pm The Old and New Problem of Making Catalogues: Experiences in the creation of a catalogue of Japanese insects Kyoichiro Ueda (Kitakyushu Museum of Natural History and Human History) PDFファイル PDFファイル
2:25-3:00 pm Break Time      
3:00-3:40 pm How to Cope with the Changing Concept of 'Family' in Angiosperms--Moving toward the APG System Motomi Ito (University of Tokyo) PDFファイル PDFファイル
3:40-4:20 pm Integration of Life Science Databases and the Names of Organisms--Toward a shared accessibility to data and knowledge Shoko Kawamoto
(Database Center For Life Science)
PDFファイル PDFファイル
4:20-4:55 pm General Discussion      
4:55-5:00 pm Closing Remarks