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SCAR - Microbial Antarctic Resource Systemのデータセット名とデータ件数一覧

データセット名 データ件数
Heterotrophic bacterial diversity in aquatic microbial mat communities from Antarctica 504
DNA metabarcoding of the prey and microbiome of museum specimen Antarctic trematomid fishes 239
BCCM/ULC Cyanobacteria culture collection at the University of Liège (ISO9001 certified) 215
Geothermal Fumarole Subsurface Mt. Erebus, Antarctica 40
Synoicum_adareanum_microbiome 0
Bacteria and Archaea biodiversity in terrestrial ecosystems of Chilean Patagonia 0
Bacteria and Archaea biodiversity in Arctic and Subarctic terrestrial ecosystems in Alaska 0
Bacteria and Archaea biodiversity in Arctic terrestrial ecosystems affected by climate change in Northern Siberia 0
Antarctic Surface Snow Bacterial Communities 0
Arctic Ocean microbial metagenomes sampled aboard CGC Healy during the 2015 GEOTRACES Arctic research cruise 0
Microbial metabarcoding surveys (Bacteria, Archaea and Eukaryota) of the arctic marine environment 0
Antarctic polar desert surface soil microbiome 0
RNA-Virome (RNA shotgun sequencing) from lake Limnopolar on Livingston Island (Antarctica) 0
Microbial Fungi in soils on different Sub-Antarctic islands 0
Microorganisms in frost flowers on young Arctic sea ice, comparison between different ice types 0
microbial Eukaryotes in lakes along an Argentinian-Antarctic geographical gradient 0
Maritime and Sub-Antarctic microbial soil fungi communities 0
Arctic multi-year sea ice Bacteria 0
Metatranscriptome from microbial mats in Arctic and Antarctic polar tundra environments 0
Microorganisms in Paleomats at the shores of lake Vanda, Antarctica 0
Microbiome (Bacteria, Archaea and fungi) from University Valley Permafrost cores (Antarctica) 0
Microbiome (Archaea, Bacteria and Eukaryota) of lake Fryxell and lake Bonney (McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica) 0
Microbiome (Archaea, Bacteria and Fungi) in soils from King George Island (Antarctica) 0
The skin microbiome (based on 16S) of Antarctic Humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) 0
Microorganisms (Bacteria 16S; Eukaryota 18S) from soil crusts in polar (Arctic and Antarctic) ecosystems 0
Bacterial diversity in closed cryoconite holes in Southern Victoria Land (Antarctica) 0
Soil microbiome (Bacteria) on Keller Peninsula (Antarctica) 0
Microbial population dynamics along a terrestrial Antarctic moisture gradient 0
Microorganisms (Bacteria, Archaea and phototroph eukaryotes) from Fildes Bay, King George Island, Antarctica 0
Microorganisms (Bacteria and Archaea) in the marine cavity beneath the McMurdo Ice Shelf, Antarctica 0
Microbes (Eukaryotes and Archaea) in sea water from Fildes Peninsula (King George Island, Antarctica) 0
Bacteria and Archaea in different soil types on King George Island (South Shetland Islands, Antarctica) 0
Bacteria (16S) in growth laminae of a large conical mats from Lake Untersee, East Antarctic 0
Microbial (16S) diversity in sediments of the former subglacial Hodgson lake (Antarctica) 0
Community diversity in microbial eukaryotes from lakes in the the Vestfold Hills, Antarctica 0
Antarctic snow algae communities 0
Microorganisms (eukaryote and bacteria) in Antarctic cryoconite holes. 0
Southern Ocean microbial dataset 0
Metagenome assembly of an Amundsen Sea (Antarctica, Southern Ocean) water sample 0
Hypolithic and soil bacteria in Miers_Valley, Antarctica 0
V3-V4 16S rDNA of soil bacteria in King George Island and Deception Island 0
Sequenced genes (ureC gene) and a metagenome from Archaea in Arctic and Antarctic marine environments 0
Bacterial community during Phaeocystis antarctica blooms (Amundsen Sea polynya) 0
Surface and deep marine bacterial communities in the Arctic and Antarctic 0
Marine bacterial, archaeal and eukaryotic microbial communities on the continental shelf of the western Antarctic Peninsula 0
Bacterial in the Amundsen Sea Polynya (Southern Ocean): community composition in environmental samples and mesocosm experiment 0
Microbial diversity (Bacteria and Archaea 16S rRNA gene) in geothermal sites of Deception Island volcano, Antarctica 0
Fungal communities (ITS) in Antarctic brines. 0
Microbial communities (Bacteria and Archaea) in Lake Fryxell (Antarctica) along an oxygen gradient 0
Western Antarctic Peninsula Bacteria (Mesocosm exp.) 0
Benthic microbial communities (Bacteria, 16S) of coastal terrestrial and ice shelf Antarctic meltwater ponds 0
Microbes (16S and 18S rRNA genes) from benthic Antarctic sediments 0
Microbial soil Fungi (ITS2) diversity from Maritime Antarctica 0
Southern Ocean Experimental Metatranscriptome to Investigate Micronutrient Colimitation 0
Cyanobacteria in microbial mats from Antarctic lakes 0
Microbial communities (Bacteria, Eukaryotes and Fungi) in Arctic, Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic lacustrine biofilms 0
Bacteria (16S) and Eukaryotes (18S) from the Sor Rondane Mountains (East Antarctica) 0
Microbial communities (Eukaryotes and Bacteria) of transiently wetted vs. arid Antarctic Dry Valley soils 0
Bacteria (16S ssu rRNA) in an Antarctic snow sample 0
Bacteria on mummified seals in the Antarctic Dry Valleys 0
fumarolic microbial communities at Tramway Ridge, Mt. Erebus, Antarctica 0
Associated microbiome (Bacteria and Fungi) in Antarctic sea stars (healthy versus exhibiting epidermal disease) 0
Global biogeography of desert cyanobacteria 0
Microbial fungal communities (18S) of Antarctic Dry Valley lakes 0
Bacteria in Antarctic glacial foreland soils 0
Antarctic pack ice Bacterial (16S) communities 0
Microbial (Bacteria, 16S) Diversity in Antarctic marine sediments (Admiralty Bay and Bransfield Strait) 0
Antarctic cryptoendolithic fungal communities ITS amplicon sequencing 0
Near‐shore microbial communities (Eukaryotes, Bacteria and Archaea) of the sub‐Antarctic Prince Edward Islands 0
Marine_ microbial eukaryotes (18S) from the Ross Sea (Antarctica) 0
Palmer LTER 2014 cruise microbial Eukaryote (18s) plankton 0
benthic communities bacterial in Antarctica and the arctic 0
Pelagic microbes (Eukaryote 18S and Material 16S amplicons) from sites in the Southern, Indian and Arctic Oceans 0
Fungi (LSU) in soils from the South Shetland island, Antarctic Peninsula island, and Union Glacier 0
Airborne Bacteria from Miers Valley, Antarctica 0
Bacterial Diversity Assessment in Antarctic Terrestrial and Aquatic Microbial Mats 0
Bacteria (16S) in Antarctic terrestrial soils of the Sor Rondane Mountains 0
Winter Picoplankton Diversity and Distribution in the US Antarctic Marine Living Resources Study Area - Northern Antarctic Peninsula 0
New Zealand Terrestrial Biocomplexity Survey 0
Geomicrobiology of Antarctic Subglacial Environments - Subglacial Lake Whillans 0
Inter-Valley Soil Comparative Survey of the McMurdo Dry Valleys 0
Marine bacterioplankton community structure in the vicinity of Antarctic icebergs 0
Antarctic Peninsula Bacterioplankton 16S rRNA gene surveys and metagenomes from Winter 2002 and Summer 2006. 0