JBIF:地球規模生物多様性 情報機構日本ノード


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データセット名 データ件数
Marine metagenomes Metagenome 4,540,802
Nahant Collection 1,261,906
Amplicon sequencing of Tara Oceans DNA samples corresponding to size fractions for protists. 747,913
Bacerial and archaeal diversity in Central Park 479,864
Organic agricultural field soil Raw sequence reads 440,779
Eukaryotic diversity in Central Park 406,902
EMOSE (2017) Inter-Comparison of Marine Plankton Metagenome Analysis Methods 293,164
Coral 291,859
16S amplicons New Zealand agricultural soils 285,118
Microbial communities associated with Eurasian watermilfoil, water and sediment 272,730
Response of soil bacteria to anthropogenic soil variables at large spatial scales 248,241
Zostera Marina Ammonification environmental 231,952
Soil bacterial diversity is associated with human population density in urban greenspaces 230,880
uncultured prokaryote Targeted loci environmental 209,740
Effects of organic matter manipulation on archaeal, bacterial, and fungal community assembly 164,994
Microbial community structure is affected by cropping sequences and bio-covers under long-term no-tillage 164,732
Development and validation of a multi-trophic metabarcoding biotic index for benthic organic enrichment biomonitoring using a salmon farm case-study. 148,651
Soil bacterial communities (Hainich National Park) 142,013
Sediment Metagenome Raw sequence reads 140,048
Temporal variation in pesticide biodegradation 129,403
DEEPEND: Microbiome and bacterioplankton rRNA gene sequence data collected from Gulf of Mexico seawater samples. Cruises DP03 and DP04 from Jan 2016 - December 2016 124,922
Bacterial 16s Amplicon Sequencing of the Atlantic Ocean 119,882
Biological Impacts of Ocean Acidification 117,904
Marine metagenomes from the bioGEOTRACES project 114,823
SCHEMA_Sediment 108,267
Sediment surface microbial community changes due to phytoplankton addition 102,717
Bacteria exposure experiment North Sea 91,951
Soil marker gene sequences across the Nutrient Network 91,610
Macroalgal Morphology affects composition and settlement of microbial communities 84,364
16S Amplicon Data from an Antarctic Cold Seep 79,773
estuary metagenome Raw sequence reads 79,673
Soil Microbial communities from weed germination bioassay targeted loci environmental 78,174
Little Sippewissett Marsh Targeted Locus (Loci) 77,637
Polymetallic nodule field Targeted loci environmental 73,907
Nutrient addition mesocosm experiment Targeted Locus (Loci) 70,546
Temporal effect of plant diversity and oiling on nitrogen cycling in marsh sediments 69,736
sediment metagenome Raw sequence reads 68,602
Microbial diversity in the Benguela coastal upwelling system as derived from 16S rRNA sequencing and RNA Stable Isotope Probing (SIP) 68,483
marine sediment metagenome Targeted loci environmental 65,291
marine sediment metagenome Metagenome 61,976
Short-term interaction of pyrene and cadmium in prokaryotic community in coastal sediment microcosms 52,876
Marine methane seep Targeted Locus (Loci) 51,651
It was verified the impact of irrigation treatments (wet, optimal, dry and very dry) and three potato cultivars on soil microbial community. 50,917
Composition and Genetic Diversity of Microbial Communities in Subtropical Coastal Wetland Sediments 49,553
Mariana and Kermadec Trench sediment 16S rRNA gene sequencing 48,576
Soil microbial response to organic disturbances 48,351
Red Sea microbial plankton Raw sequence reads 47,118
Reciprocal transplantation experiment of salt marsh sediments Targeted loci 47,090
Future climate change affects the microbiome and condition of habitat-forming kelp 46,316
Bacterial Diversity in the East China Sea 46,265
Bacterial Biogeography of Coastal Water in the Northern East China Sea 45,951
Lake sediment sequencing 44,856
Biological rejuvenation of iron oxides in bioturbated marine sediments 44,365
Heterogeneity of methane seep microbiomes in the NE Pacific 44,332
Impact of a major inflow event on the composition and distribution of bacterioplankton communities in the Baltic Sea 44,325
Microbial diversity in the Tongyeong-Geoje coastal area of Korea2 43,396
Marine Sediment from the Berkeley Bay Targeted Locus (Loci) 43,253
SOLA Raw sequence reads 42,854
Temporal sampling of marine metagenomes from Station ALOHA and BATS 41,323
Herbicide-incubated GBR lagoon microbiomes Targeted loci environmental 40,280
North Pacific Subtropical Gyre Microbial Community 39,541
ADDOMEx Tier 3 Experiments: Mesocosm Si with Gulf of Mexico coastal waters 39,382
Comparative 16S analysis of hydrothermal vent samples from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR) 39,270
Marine Water Column Samples Targeted loci environmental 38,623
Coastal Sediment Bacterial Community Alterations in Association with Sudden Vegetation Dieback 38,328
US East Coast Salt Marshes Targeted Locus (Loci) 38,120
Time course change of microbial community in tsunami sediment caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake 37,743
Queensland Marine Sediment 37,458
ADDOMEx 37,445
Sea spray aerosols at Three California Beaches 37,135
MeHg Coal Ash 36,896
Microbial communities in estuarine sediments 36,568
Marine (Aarhus) and freshwater (Lake Constance) sediment Raw sequence reads 35,629
Seasonal and spatial diversity of bacterial communities in marine sediments of Ningbo Xiangshan Coastal Ocean 34,767
Saltern of Margherita di Savoia Metagenome 34,309
Abundance, diversity and distribution of Legionellales in wet environments in Sweden 34,171
Microbial diversity in the Tongyeong-Geoje coastal area of Korea 33,651
Microbial communities in the ocean Raw sequence reads 33,614
Extracellular DNA marine sediment Targeted Locus (Loci) 33,560
Diversity of microbial community (bacteria, micro-eukaryotes and fungi) in the Passage of Lascaux Cave. 31,604
Marine Bacteria 16S V4 Raw sequence reads 31,492
Effects of Fecal Input, Environmental Conditions, and Environmental Sources on Enterococci Concentrations in an Estuarine Ecosystem 31,150
16S rDNA amplicon of Bacteria and Archaea Metagenome 31,115
Marine metagenome Targeted loci environmental 30,687
16S sequencing of environmental samples to test the impact of sediment source 30,070
Prokaryotic microbial communities structure in the headwater watchment of Dongjiang River in the south of China 28,512
Mediterranean Contaminated Pelagic communities 28,203
Biogeography of coastal wetland bacterial communities experiencing sudden vegetation dieoff 28,192
Meta_Kosmos 28,047
Temporal dynamics of the particle-attached and free-living microbial communities from coastal seawater 27,647
Bacterial communitiy compositions on natural and artificial substrates in the Spermonde Archipelago, Indonesia 27,080
Protist Diversity in the East China Sea 26,389
Po river Prodelta and Mar Piccolo of Taranto surface sediments bacterial communities targeted loci 26,154
Microbial Biogeography and Potential Ecological Function Deep Indian Ocean Ridge 26,125
Water and Sediment samples Targeted loci environmental 25,614
Microbial biogeography of French caves 25,262
Camargue soil and sediment 16S community profiling 25,153
Successional trajectories of coastal bacterioplankton communities in response to co-exposure of cadmium and phenanthrene 24,630
Tyne oil spill snorkels Raw sequence reads 24,315
Bacteria community in the southern East China Sea 24,093
Chandeleur Island 2016 Amplicon Study Raw sequence reads 23,772
Effect of size fractionation and DNA extraction on the diversity and composition of prokaryotic and eukaryotic plankton community 23,634
Microbial Processes and Biodiversity: OCEAN 23,620
marine sediment metagenome Targeted loci environmental 23,448
PAH-contaminated sediment from the Lagos Lagoon, Nigeria 23,136
Temperature shifts simulating secondary oil recovery 23,020
This workpackage details only the prokaryote (Archaea and Bacteria) analyses for the MicroPolar project. 22,936
eDNA_Subseafloor 22,888
Depth profile of ancient sediments 22,870
Nuunat- ORMS formation during oil biodegradation at low temperature 22,862
California Current Cruise CCE-P1408 Process Cruise #6 22,066
Impacts of crude oil and chemical dispersant exposure on marine microbial biofilm formation and steel corrosion 21,855
Microbial community structure and dynamics in the oxygen minimum zone of the Northeast subarctic Pacific Ocean 21,809
Baltic Sea high-frequency temporal study 2012 at the Linnaeus Microbial Observatory Targeted Locus (Loci) 21,802
Exploring Fronts With Multiple Robots Schmidt Ocean Institute Cruise to the Pacific Ocean in 2018 21,621
soil metagenome Raw sequence reads 20,692
Pelagic Microbiome: viruses to protists. 16S and 18S data from oceanic samples collected at the chlorophyll maximum. 20,594
Variations in prokaryotic community assembly and predicted metabolic potential of surface sediments with geography in the coastal northern Zhejiang, East China Sea 20,283
Bacterial Biomarkers of Marcellus Shale Activity in Pennsylvania 20,223
Microbial community in PAH-contaminated riverine sediments 20,094
Amplicon sequencing of Tara Oceans RNA samples corresponding to size fractions for protists. 19,874
Bacterial 16S rRNA gene sequencing of Antarctic soil 19,689
Assessing the effects of salmon farming seabed enrichment using bacterial community diversity and high throughput sequencing 19,070
16S amplicons Subtropical Frontal Zone New Zealand 18,694
Life in a toxic environment 18,631
Oceanic microplankton do not adhere to the latitudinal diversity gradient 18,589
Effect of genetics and environment on gut bacteria in Anopheles and Aedes mosquitoes. 18,586
Protists community in the southern East China Sea 18,490
Bacterial community structure and their predicted functions in coastal sediments 18,467
Zooplankton communities in the coastal water of northeastern Hokkaido 17,974
Gulf of Mexico open ocean Targeted Locus (Loci) 17,886
CARBOM cruise 2013 flow cytometry sorted phytoplankton 17,814
16S data describing Antarctic benthic sediment 17,593
the under-explored coal gangue and the adjacent acid mine drainage creek soil Raw sequence reads 17,505
Microbial community in marine sediments 17,301
Microbial diversity in the Tongyeong-Geoje coastal area of Korea 17,256
MiSeq 16S rRNA gene (prokaryotic 16S rRNA gene) sequences of 33 Mai Po sediments, including 18 samples from winter and 15 samples from summer 17,221
North Sea plastic incubation and reference communities, raw sequence reads 17,171
Phaeobacter inhibens host-attached and free-living communities 17,168
Abyssal Baseline Study & Geophysical Survey (ABYSSLINE 02)_AB01_Re-sequenced Targeted loci environmental 17,033
Caspian Sea Sediment - 16S Survey Targeted Locus (Loci) 16,818
Hydrate Ridge, OR - Deep sea cold seep ecosystem Targeted Locus (Loci) 16,664
Microbial communities in the phycosphere environment 16,587
Limited influence of primary treated sewage waters on bacterial abundance, production and community composition in coastal seawaters 16,332
Patagonian fjord prokaryote community 16,264
marine metagenome Metagenome 16,119
Microbial community response on waste water discharge in recipient freshwater sediments 16,097
aquatic bacterial metagenome Raw sequence reads 15,891
Northern Gulf of Mexico Hypoxic Zone Raw sequence reads 15,723
Marine sediment microbial communities in the presence of macrophytes 15,655
A practical introduction to microbial molecular ecology through the use of iChips 15,554
Marine sediment Raw sequence reads 15,482
Diversities of bacteria and archaea in Sanya mangrove sediments 15,472
Incubation of marine methane seep sediments with a bioorthogonal amino acid 15,325
Microbial community in on-site tsunami sediment caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake 15,310
Baselines Initiative 16S rRNA gene dataset: Baselines Amplicon Release 1 (R1) Indian Ocean 2015 15,277
Study of microbial diversity from sediment samples of the SaiGon-DongNai system 15,214
Coastal seawater influenced by the municipal effluents Raw sequence reads 14,998
Microbial diversity in benthic stream sediment 14,877
Diversity of bacterioneuston and bacterioplankton in coastal waters of Misaki, Japan 14,563
16S_Sediment_Bolinao 14,491
microbial community composition of marine water and sediment 14,480
A long-standing complex tropical dipole shapes marine microbial biogeography 14,478
Bacterial biogeography of a High Arctic ice cap 14,208
Spirulina necromass degradartion in arctic marine sediments 14,018
Rifle sediment bacterial community Targeted Locus (Loci) 13,771
Microbiome profiling Schlöppnerbrunnen peat cores from different depths 13,708
Sea water sample Targeted Locus (Loci) 13,697
Arctic microbiome along Svalbard Cross Shelf transects 13,573
Temporal dynamics of bacterioplankton community in response to excessive nitrate loading in the oligotrophic coastal water 13,545
ARMS Jeddah sample Raw sequence reads 13,519
Intertidal Mixing Zone Targeted Locus (Loci) 13,519
CCA_pathobiome 13,433
Taxonomic study of endospores in a marine sediment 13,113
Bacterial diversity in snow from mid-latitude mountain areas: Alps, Eastern Anatolia, Karakoram and Himalaya. 13,099
Fe3+ and Mn4+ - induced changes in microbial communities of boreal lake sediments 13,083
Santa Monica Basin seep sediment incubations to assess C and N sources for F430 synthesis 13,053
16S rDNA sequencing 12,938
Diet analysis of Japanese sardine and Pacific round herring larvae 12,930
Community structure of Archaea in the western North Pacific and the Arctic Ocean 12,826
marine sediment metagenome Raw sequence reads 12,398
the assembly of abundant and rare bacterioplankton subcommunities in three subtropical bays 12,327
Sediment bacteria in the Southern Ocean 12,287
Pelagic Gulf of Mexico Targeted loci environmental 12,202
Thermophilic endospores in temperate sediments 12,129
Sediment of acid mine drainage Targeted loci environmental 12,120
Soil metagenome from healthy and unhealthy agricultural soil 12,118
Arctic Ocean 12,100
Amino acid addition experiment Metagenome 12,094
marine metagenome Raw sequence reads 12,003
Bacterial communities from the water column and the surface sediments along a transect in the East Sea (Sea of Japan) 11,974
Salt Marsh Sediments Raw sequence reads 11,927
Cascading influence of inorganic nitrogen sources on DOM production composition lability and microbial community structure in the open ocean 11,870
Variation in freshwater stream sediment community 16S rRNA profiles along an urbanization gradient 11,738
Marine sediment metagenome raw sequence reads 11,339
Baselines Initiative 16S rRNA gene dataset: Baselines Amplicon Release 1 (R1) Caribbean Sea near Curacao (including saline pond samples in Curacao) 2015 11,193
Effects of triclosan on bacterial community composition in natural seawater microcosms 11,174
Fluctuating redox regimes raw sequence reads 10,959
CEFS_16S_ITS 10,776
Microbial communities associated with Juncus roemerianus and Spartina alterniflora vegetated sediments in Louisiana saltmarshes 10,631
mangrove rhizosphere sediment Metagenome Raw sequence reads 10,516
Saltern microbial community diversity 10,468
Bacteria in domestic water-storage containers with or without mosquito larvae 10,458
Seawater metagenome Targeted loci environmental 10,389
Ice Wedge Polygon 10,386
Comparison of marine sediments from the Beguela upwelling zone 10,366
photoautotrophic_biofilm 10,353
Artificial stream sediment raw sequence reads 10,290
Uncultured eukaryotes Targeted Locus (Loci) 10,122
Southern Ocean microorganisms Targeted Locus (Loci) 10,061
Marine bacteria metagenome 10,060
California Current System Long Term Ecological Research P1604 (CCS_LTER_P1604) Targeted loci environmental 9,915
Red Sea Zooplankton Raw sequence reads 9,851
resuscitation mechanisms during enrichment culture 9,846
marine sediment metagenome Raw sequence reads 9,741
The Indigo Project: a global citizen science Ocean survey 9,723
Transplant and re-transplant microcosms of Baltic Proper and Bothnian Sea bacterioplankton Targeted Locus (Loci) 9,577
marine sediment metagenome Raw sequence reads 9,539
seawater metagenome 9,454
16S rRNA amplicon from marine Bacteria Raw sequence reads 9,399
Groundwater microbiome 9,368
Equatorial Pacific Ocean Targeted loci environmental 9,225
Microbial processes in iron-rich sediments of Lake Towuti, Indonesia: Disentangling the methane and iron cycles 9,014
Uncultured Environmental Isolate Targeted loci environmental 9,002
Evidence of bacterioplankton community adaption in responses to long-term mariculture disturbance 8,926
Sea ice and seawater Raw sequence reads 8,818
Microbial associations in temperate marine copepods from the Gulf of Maine 8,795
surface sediment Raw sequence reads 8,726
Freshwater sediment Raw sequence reads 8,611
Eukaryotic natural population from Northern Baffin Bay - Raw sequence reads 8,560
Gulf Oil Spill underwater oil plume samples Targeted Locus (Loci) 8,546
South China Sea interfaces 16S amplicon sequencing 8,488
Arctic first-year drift ice and under-ice water bacterial communities 8,451
estuary metagenome Raw sequence reads 8,447
Standard filtration practices significantly distort planktonic microbial diversity estimates 8,384
PREsediment Targeted Locus (Loci) 8,353
Indian_sediments 8,281
Pond sediments Metagenome 8,159
Dark ocean microbial diversity 8,158
Eucaryotic microbial communities structure in the headwater watchment of Dongjiang River in the south of China 8,131
Sewer sediments Targeted loci environmental 8,089
sediment metagenome Metagenome 8,046
microbial community diversities of Tuosu Lake 8,015
Diversity of archaeal and bacterial 16S rRNA gene in marine sediment in Aarhus Bay 7,917
particle-attached and free-living bacteria kongsfjorden 7,914
Taxonomic composition of microbial communities in coastal Arctic sediments 7,879
Xylophaga in situ Eclusion Experiment 7,819
Methanogens and iron-reducing bacteria are major contributors to mercury methylation in boreal lake sediments 7,763
Global Malaspina 2010 deep ocean expedition - rRNA pyrotags 7,738
Microbial communities in marine surface water 7,724
Effects of different types of wastewater on microbial degradation of 2,2'',4,4''-tetrabromodiphenyl ether (BDE-47) in anaerobic sediment. 7,696
Structure and function of picoplankton and virus communities along zonal gradients in the South Pacific Ocean 7,630
sediment metagenome Metagenome 7,574
Studies of marine microbial dark matter 7,534
SAR amplicon from community incubated with various nanophytoplankton in microcosm 7,425
coastal sediment diversity study 7,399
marine sediment metagenome Targeted loci environmental 7,166
16s data marine community of L4 station 6,904
Microbial populations of Lascaux's Apse in relation to collembola and black stains on cave walls. 6,899
marine sediment metagenome Raw sequence reads 6,718
Marine sediment metagenome 6,702
Diet analysis of Pacific Bluefin Tuna larvae 6,702
Amundsen Gulf Overwintering Eukaryote Community 6,695
Coral or reef-seawater associated bacteria Targeted Locus (Loci) 6,664
Copepod induced bacterial community Raw sequence reads 6,641
Distribution of the Roseobacter clade 6,636
magnetite Targeted Locus (Loci) 6,531
Enhanced pyrene and benzo[a]pyrene degradation by plant root and SMFC 6,521
Microbial ecology of bacteiral community in sediment from adjacent waters of Rushan Bay 6,440
Baltic Sea 6,379
16S rRNA sequences of bacterioplankton spatial distributions in the Baltic Proper 6,354
Diversity of SE Pacific benthic Bacteria and Archaea communities Targeted Locus (Loci) 6,329
Green Edge microcosms Raw sequence reads 6,323
atmospheric depositon effect on bacterial diversity 6,199
marine sediment metagenome Metagenome 6,191
Microbial diversity of marine sediments 6,143
PCB-contaminated sediment Genome sequencing 6,098
MiSeq 16S rRNA gene (prokaryotic 16S rRNA gene) sequences of 16 SCS sediments 6,051
Santa Barbara Basin Raw sequence reads 6,001
16S rRNA amplicon sequences of Baltic Sea bacterioplankton 5,933
Antimony contaminated sediments Raw sequence reads 5,917
Species-specific associations between bacterioplankton and photosynthetic picoeukaryotes 5,874
Methane and dissolved organic carbon fueled microbial loop supports a tropical subterranean estuary ecosystem 5,791
Prokaryotic community response to microalgal lysates 5,761
marine sediment metagenome Raw sequence reads 5,704
microbial diversity Raw sequence reads 5,656
White sea picoplankton Metagenome 5,646
Microbial indicators of anthropogenic marine pollution identified by 16S and 18S metagenomic library analysis 5,643
Surface sediment of Yellow Sea, Bohai Sea and north East China Sea Metagenome 5,602
uncultured prokaryote Targeted loci environmental 5,576
Bacteria in Anopheles darlingi breeding sites in Manaus, the Amazon, Brazil 5,539
Microbial diversity and skin mucosal microbiota in farmed Atlantic salmon with ulcerative disorders, raw sequence reads 5,486
Marine methane seep Targeted Locus (Loci) 5,456
Trichodesmium spiralis associated microbiome Targeted loci 5,443
Hot springs Metagenome 5,375
coastal sediments Targeted Locus (Loci) 5,372
Coral Spawn Degradation, Bocas del Toro, Panama - Raw sequence reads 5,361
Oil-water intephase microbial community analysis Raw sequence reads 5,353
Sediment metagenome 5,346
Marine metagenome ICM_JRV 5,335
Dissolved compounds excreted by copepods reshape the diversity and the activity of marine bacterioplankton community 5,301
Enrichment of abundant sedimentary Bathyarchaeota demonstrating organoautotrophic metabolic capabilities 5,285
Zooplankton microbiome of the Amazon River Plume and western trophic North Atlantic 5,263
16S rRNA Analysis of Osaka Bay Microbiomes 5,251
Microbial eukaryotes 5,244
E1 Targeted Locus (Loci) 5,216
Seawater Targeted Locus (Loci) 5,207
Bacterial community profiles in a bioreduced uranium contaminated site after reoxidation 5,199
Sediment river Genome sequencing and assembly 5,168
Microbial diversity before and after tidal re-instatement 5,165
Submarine Ligurian Canyons Water Prokaryotic and Protist Communities 5,156
Municipal Pensacola Beach Sand Metagenome 5,149
DDCA-metagenome 5,093
environmental sample sequencing 5,092
Bacterial communities in sandy sediment at submarine volcanic vents off Panarea Island (Italy) 5,087
microbes in coastal sea 5,086
Metagenome from mudbank Area,Alappuzha Kerala India 5,061
Biogeography of pelagic bacterioplankton across an antagonistic temperature-salinity gradient in the Red Sea 5,053
Qinghai Lake sediments Metagenome 5,009
Yarwun Port Curtis Sediment Bacterial 16S rRNA (V6) 454 sequence 4,985
Metagenomic investigation of six depths from the anchialine Bundera sinkhole 4,929
seawater bacterial community Raw sequence reads 4,924
Shotgun metagenomic analysis of Lake Paajarvi sediment microbes. 4,874
marine metagenome Targeted Locus (Loci) 4,849
Comparative study in validity of three regions of 18S-rRNA for eukaryote amplicon sequence analyses 4,739
16S marine bacteria Raw sequence reads MEDEA2 4,713
Atlantic salmon microbiota 4,702
Cataloging the Microbial Diversity of Sundarbans in the Backdrop of Climate Change 4,687
Fungal diversity in Sanya mangrove sediments, China 4,682
Marine bacteria Targeted Locus (Loci) 4,585
Narragansett Bay, RI Sediments Targeted Locus (Loci) 4,575
Aarhus Bay sediment PCR amplified product sequencing 4,571
Global phylogeography survey of thermophilic spores in marine sediments. 4,548
Arctic benthos Targeted Locus (Loci) 4,544
Nitrate-storing microorganisms in sediments of the Bornholm Basin 4,527
Vibrio-specific 16S rRNA sequences from seawater, sediment, and oyster hatchery samples 4,496
Benham Rise 16S raw sequence reads 4,476
Archaea 4,396
Bacterial community of river sediment enriched with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons 4,382
Eastern offshore environmental monitoring of Krishna Godavari Basin Bay of Bengal 2013-2016, Funded by: ONGC India 4,335
peptide incubation in GOM C6 seawater bacteria Metagenome 4,316
surface sediment Raw sequence reads 4,300
Lake Washington sediment enrichments 4,255
Microbial community of Red Sea (16S amplicon) Targeted Locus (Loci) 4,222
Mediterranean mud volcano flow Targeted loci 4,183
Archaea 16S 01-13 Genome sequencing and assembly 4,101
Assessing the microbial diversity in Cape Comorin ocean water 4,071
Microbial community in permeable intertidal sediment 4,065
Marine metagenome ICM_GPS 4,033
Bacterial diversity in the South Adriatic Sea during winter of 2016 3,982
16S rRNA genes Random survey 3,951
Lakes ediments of the Amazon River system Raw sequence reads 3,935
Whale fall 3,886
Microbial community structure or iron oxyhydroxides rich mound in Satsuma Iwo-jima, Japan 3,840
sea water bacteria Raw sequence reads 3,832
Microbial communities associated with ferromanganese nodules and the surrounding sediments 3,812
Sea water microorganisms Raw sequence reads 3,792
Antarctic Snow Algae 2014/15 16S and 18S Illumina Seq of snow algae communities around Ryder Bay, Antarctica 3,782
Microbial ecology of archaeal community in sediment from adjacent waters of Rushan Bay 3,752
Enrichment of organohalide respiring bacteria 3,748
15N methylamine SIP (WCO station L4) 3,739
Temporal dynamics of eukaryotic microbial diversity at a coastal Pacific site 3,677
Metagenomics of Jacarepagua Lagoon 3,643
seawater metagenome Raw sequence reads 3,629
marine metagenome Targeted loci environmental 3,544
Metagenomes of Sediments from Red Sea Atlantis II and Discovery Deep Brine Pools 3,517
soil bacteria and fungi Targeted loci environmental 3,456
permafrost metagenome Targeted loci environmental 3,455
Microbial populations of Lascaux's Apse in relation to collembola and black stains on cave walls. 3,435
dsrB sequencing of sulfate-reducing microbial communities in Skagerrak and Baltic sediment 3,434
Guaymas Basin and Sonora Margin sediment Targeted loci 3,419
Genetic potential for pentachlorophenol degradation at historically contaminated groundwater sites 3,396
Aarhus Bay Station M5 sediment metagenome sequencing 3,375
uncultured marine picoeukaryote strain:Peuk_V4_NWP1 Raw sequence reads 3,364
marine metagenome 3,357
coastal suspended particulate matter North Sea surface Raw sequence reads 3,346
Eukaryote diversity assessment of sediments of the Western English Channel 3,336
Marine Sediment Targeted Locus 3,324
Natural seawater bacterial community in exopolysaccharides utilization 3,301
Environmental eukaryotes Metagenome 3,220
Uncultured Microbial Consortia in Industrialized Sites on Egypt''s Red Sea Coast Targeted loci environmental 3,195
marine sediment metagenome Raw sequence reads 3,189
bacterial community in the deep-sea surface sediments 3,187
Newfoundland sediment pyrosequencing 3,178
Microbiome variation in Agaricia undata with distinct depth distribution ranges 3,166
PCE/TCE dechlorinating microbial community and dehalogenase genes from Wonju Stream, South Korea 3,145
Metagenome data from DNA stable isotope probing of Stiffkey saltmarsh sediment microcosms to investigate methanogenesis from choline 3,143
CTD water column metabarcoding 3,137
Sediment samples Raw sequence reads 3,091
Salt marshes sediment microhabitats Metagenome 3,082
Spatial and environmental variation in whole microbial communities in Fildes Bay, King George Island, Antarctica Raw sequence reads 3,079
Shotgun Metagenomic Sequencing of the Arctic Ocean during Winter-Spring Transition 3,077
marine sediment metagenome Metagenome 3,072
Minor impact of ocean acidification to the structure of an Arctic sediment microbial community 3,047
Mesocosm Targeted Locus (Loci) 3,043
South China Normal University mangrove sediment Targeted Locus (Loci) 3,003
Microbial Diversity in the Southwest Atlantic Ocean and Patagonian Freshwater Bodies 2,958
sediment metagenome Raw sequence reads 2,944
Bacterial community dynamics during polysaccharide degradation at contrasting sites in the Southern and Atlantic Oceans 2,916
Distribution and composition of thiotrophic mats in the hypoxic zone of the Black Sea (150-170m water depth, Crimea margin) 2,914
Surface ocean Targeted Locus (Loci) 2,880
ZRCWD sediment metagenome Metagenome 2,849
16S and 18S sequences from the epiphytic biofilm on leaves of Enhalus acroides 2,840
Northern Gulf of Mexico Hypoxia can Alter Sediment Communities of Nitrifying Archaea 2,834
16S rRNA metagenomic investigation of arsenotrophic bacteriome of ground water and soil from arsenic-prone area of Bangladesh 2,814
Structuring effect of environmental variables on protistan diversity patterns in two anoxic marine basins 2,809
marine sediment metagenome Targeted loci environmental 2,806
AllDist Targeted Locus (Loci) 2,790
Bacteria of the genus Endozoicomonas dominate the microbial communities of the Mediterranean gorgonian soft coral Eunicella cavolini 2,778
archaeal community in Haima cold seep in SCS 2,778
seawater metagenome Genome sequencing and assembly 2,766
Localized impact of aquaculture effluent on Red Sea coral reef water nutrients and microorganisms 2,765
Evaluation of filtration and DNA extraction methods for environmental DNA biodiversity assessments across multiple trophic levels. 2,757
Vertical profiles of bacterial community diversity in a drinking water reservoir 2,755
Compost microbe establishment and growth in agricultural soils 2,747
marine sediment metagenome Raw sequence reads 2,743
Eukaryotic protists Metagenome 2,737
marine sediment metagenome Targeted Locus (Loci) 2,722
Sinking bloom influences benthic microorganisms 2,713
Coastal eutrophication controls the bacterial community composition in different reef habitats of the Spermonde Archipelago, Indonesia. 2,677
Marine plankton Metagenome 2,656
marine sediment metagenome Targeted loci environmental 2,647
Metabarcoding surveys of the Arctic marine environment 2,620
marine sediment Raw sequence reads 2,586
seawater metagenome Metagenome 2,572
Sediment bacterial 16S in Hachiro polder. 2,555
ZRU sediment metagenome Metagenome 2,554
sea water Picoeukaryotic Community Raw sequence reads Raw sequence reads 2,526
Magdalen Island Spatio Temporal (MIST) Raw sequence reads 2,508
Raw sequence reads 2,489
Bacterial population dynamics in a natural assemblage upon the addition of artificial alginate particles and alginolytic Alteromonas macleodii 2,481
Microbial diversity associated with copepods in the North Atlantic subtropical gyre 2,441
Microbial community diversity in Arctic marine sediments and Planktonic microbial 2,430
Ocean Acidification baceria sample Targeted loci environmental 2,429
Sediment Metagenome 2,400
XRU sediment metagenome Metagenome 2,399
Prokaryotic community structure in the deep Southwest Indian Ocean with an emphasis on actinobacteria Targeted Locus (Loci) 2,388
Controls on microalgal community structures in cryoconite holes upon high Arctic glaciers, Svalbard 2,385
Cryoconite sediments Targeted Locus (Loci) 2,366
Diversity and composition of sediment microbial assemblages in an Atlantic port environment 2,327
Diversity and abundance of Bathyarchaeota (MCG) in South China Sea sediments and the implication of its ecological roles 2,327
May 2013 DNA-SIP marine seawater bacteria metagenomic assembly 2,326
Comparison of copper contaminated soils, with similar uncontaminated controls. 2,301
Bacterial community of cold seeps Metagenome 2,300
XRCWD sediment metagenome Metagenome 2,278
Amplicon sequencing of gyrA and parC in Escherichia communities in river/lake sediments 2,268
sediment metagenome Raw sequence reads 2,256
Microcosms Metagenome 2,253
Marine sediment metagenome ICM_DSE 2,248
Marine Metagenome 2,241
Eastern Mediterranean Sea Lignin and Xylan enrichments 2,231
Comparative analysis of bacterial community-metagenomics in coastal Gulf of Mexico sediment microcosms following exposure to Macondo oil (MC252) 2,228
XRCWU sediment metagenome Metagenome 2,227
pyrosequencing Raw sequence reads of deep-sea Archaea 2,226
marine sediment metagenome Raw sequence reads 2,208
blocking PCR amplification of metazoan DNA for protistan diversity 2,204
uncultured marine picoeukaryote strain:Peuk_V4_NWP2 Raw sequence reads 2,203
Marine sediment amplicon Targeted loci environmental 2,192
Spatial variation of bacterioplankton in south Atlantic Bight 2,184
Depth dependent (0-5,000 m) and seasonal variability in archaeal community structure in the subarctic and subtropical western North Pacific. 2,175
ZRM sediment metagenome Metagenome 2,163
Boreal lake sediment 16S rRNA gene amplicon (454-pyrosequencing) raw sequence reads 2,153
XRM sediment metagenome Metagenome 2,146
gas hydrate bearing sediment Raw sequence reads 2,134
Metagenomic community analysis of marine zooplankton using two plankton nets 2,080
Distinctive community structure and high diversity in particle-associated prokaryotes in tropical and subtropical Pacific Ocean surface seawater 2,067
marine sediment metagenome Raw sequence reads 2,062
A study on microbial functional groups producing a climate related gas in the ocean 2,043
marine metagenome Targeted Locus (Loci) 2,041
Sediment bacterial diversity 2,036
Metagenome analysis of picoeukaryotes from surface seawater 2,021
Metagenomics of Brava and Tebenquiche lakes microbial mats 2,010
Marine sediment Raw sequence reads 2,001
marine plankton metagenome Raw sequence reads 1,998
Southern Ocean 1,971
Loihi Seamount Targeted loci environmental 1,969
Seawater bacteria Metagenome 1,956
envinronment Metagenome 1,953
ZRD sediment metagenome Metagenome 1,935
microbial communities in long-term e-waste contaminated river sediments 1,905
Old Rifle sediment Raw sequence reads 1,899
A Method for Studying Protistan Diversity Using Massively Parallel Sequencing of V9 Hypervariable Regions of Small-Subunit Ribosomal RNA Genes 1,894
Deep mud-volcano biosphere in the Nankai accretionary wedge 1,885
Marine metagenome ICM_WBS 1,879
Microbial community structure of chronically polluted marine sediments from a cold region of the southern hemisphere 1,873
Marine sponges and seawater Targeted Locus (Loci) 1,868
Research on Airborne Ice Nucleating Species 1,833
Diversity and population structure of Marine Group A in the oxygen minimum zone of the Northeast subarctic Pacific Ocean 1,826
3Soil16S 1,785
rDNA amplicon sequencing of Western North Atlantic microbial community 1,782
Microbial diversity in four Mediterranean irciniid sponges 1,779
Amplicon-Based Illumina Sequencing Reveals High Diversity of Phytoplankton in the Coastal Waters of Qinhuangdao 1,759
NEON Surface Water Microbe Marker Gene Sequences - 2014 1,757
Microbial communities in deep eastern Mediterranean Sea surface sediments 1,751
VAG Mine Pit Pond Metagenome 1,750
Environmental zooplankton Targeted Locus (Loci) 1,750
Gulf of Mexico Alkane Reactors Metagenome 1,740
BrdU_MAB_SS Metagenome 1,739
Tucurui_Metagenoma_MGRAST 1,723
Uncultered bacterium Targeted Locus (Loci) 1,716
suspended particulate matter Raw sequence reads 1,709
16S rDNA metagenomes of Western Balkans glacial lakes sediments 1,705
Stratification of anaerobic methanotrophs in cold-seep sediments 1,691
Benthic Ocean Acidification 1,684
Marine subseafloor sediment Targeted Locus (Loci) 1,672
Protists in Havre-aux-Maisons Lagoon, Magdalen Islands, Quebec, Canada 1,648
ETNP Targeted Locus (Loci) 1,641
Aldegondabreen cryoconite Targeted Locus 1,620
Antarctic Hypersaline Brine Raw sequence reads 1,604
Distributions and Abundances of Sublineages of the N2-Fixing Cyanobacterium Candidatus Atelocyanobacterium thalassa (UCYN-A) in the Noumea Lagoon 1,591
Seawater free living bacterioplankton 1,588
Prospecting of extreme microbial ecosystems associated to minerals (microbialites, microbial mats and endoevaporites) in Puna, Wetlands and Salars of Argentina, Chile and Bolivia 1,587
Metagenomic approach for studying picoeukaryotes in a extreme oligotrophic marginal sea (South Adriatic Sea) during winter mixed conditions 1,583
Sediment Microcosm Metagenome 1,581
water Raw sequence reads 1,579
1)sediments; 2) coral floc Metagenome 1,571
Soil microbial distribution 1,560
Targeted loci sequencing of anaerobic benzene-degrading enrichment cultures 1,557
Microbial diversity in shallow water hydrothermal sediments of Gueishan Island, Taiwan 1,552
Ocean Water Metagenome 1,538
The Nanoeukaryotic plankton Raw sequence reads 1,526
marine sediment metagenome Raw sequence reads 1,522
Impact of rainforest transformation on phylogenetic and functional diversity of soil prokaryotic communities in Sumatra (Indonesia) 1,519
Molecular Characterization of the Structural and Functional Microbial Community in Sediments of a Northern Utah, Basin-Fill Aquifer 1,494
Marine eukaryotes Targeted loci environmental 1,469
marine metagenome Raw sequence reads 1,456
Baselines Initiative 16S rRNA gene dataset: Baselines Amplicon Release 1 (R1) North Pacific Line-67 2009 1,445
Ocean sediment-basement interface Targeted Locus (Loci) 1,440
Marine waters Raw sequence reads 1,424
Sundarbans estuarine ecosystem Metagenome 1,407
Enrichment of abundant sedimentary Bathyarchaeota demonstrating organoautotrophic metabolic capabilities 1,386
Microbial diversity of marine sediments from Ross Sea 1,377
Bacterial 16S rRNA and fungal ITS Metagenome 1,372
Antarctic Lakes Brine Raw sequence reads 1,355
BSM marine Targeted Locus 1,342
Mudflat sediment Metagenome 1,331
Marine protists Metagenome 1,321
Prince Edward Island marine metgenome Raw sequence reads 1,319
nirS-Encoding and nirK-Encoding Denitrifiers in the Sediment of Daya Bay Raw sequence reads 1,314
Marine sample from an Antarctic Bay Raw sequence reads 1,309
Sea microbial community Metagenome 1,300
Ocean crust Targeted Locus (Loci) 1,300
A comparison of microbial community composition in four contrasting sediments in the Celtic Sea 1,289
Comparative metagenome analysis of normal and arsenic contaminated soils from ballia district, Uttar Pradesh, India 1,288
Magadalen Islands Spatio Temporal (MIST) Large Fraction 1,285
Marine fungi Raw sequence reads 1,283
Peruvian eddy shotgun metagenomes 1,272
marine sediment metagenome Metagenomic assembly 1,271
Bacterial community diverisity 1,259
Microbial communities of methane seeps in shallow, porous sands off Elba 1,259
marine sediment metagenome Raw sequence reads 1,244
Cave sediment Metagenome 1,235
marine metagenome Raw sequence reads 1,226
16S rRNA metagenomic investigation of arsenotrophic bacteriome of ground water and soil from arsenic-prone area of Bangladesh 1,217
Nitrogen cycling microbes in the surface sediments of the South China Sea 1,214
BES pyrosequencing 1,212
Transitional subsurface-to-surface microbial diversity in a terrestrial serpentinizing seep (Manleluag, Pangasinan, the Philippines) 1,209
Microbial diversity studies of Arabian Sea sediment 1,207
uncultured eukaryote Raw sequence reads 1,205
Oxygen minimal zone Targeted loci environmental 1,199
Surface Diatom Sediments of Deep Freshwater Lake Baikal 1,185
Ascidian and Seawater Metagenome 1,180
Marine subseafloor sediment Targeted Locus (Loci) 1,176
Study on bacterial diversity and functionality in the Adriatic Sea 1,166
Polyamine-transforming bacterioplankton in seawater 1,153
Baltic Expression Project 1,147
Microbial Diversity in Antarctic marine sediments (Admiralty Bay and Bransfield Strait) 1,144
Llamara 1 evaporites metagenome 1,136
Marine Samples Targeted Locus (Loci) 1,127
Abalone seed nursing ecosystem Metagenome 1,127
Development and validation of a marine experimental life support system for accessing synergistic effects of climate change and oil pollution on microbial communities 1,127
Hydrothermal Deposit Targeted Locus (Loci) 1,124
Aquifer sediment nitrate reducing community change 1,099
Spatially differing bacterial communities in water columns of the northern Baltic Sea 1,097
sediment metagenome Raw sequence reads 1,085
Microbial eukaryote 454 Roche sequencing in estuarine ecosystems 1,084
Global Ocean Sampling Expedition 1,084
Diversity of Microbial Eukaryotes in Sea Waters From Fildes Peninsula,King George Island, Antarctica 1,083
Long distance electron transfer by cable bacteria in aquifer sediments 1,078
Shallow-water pockmarks diversity Targeted Locus (Loci) 1,072
Characteristics of eukaryotic plankton community in the Coastal Waters of Rongcheng by Illumina sequencing 1,069
Pyrosequencing, the South Sea, May 2009 1,068
Microbial diversity of Oslo Fjord Pockmark sediments 1,049
Microbial Community Diversity Response to a Changing Arctic Ocean 1,047
Microbial diversity 1,046
rRNA, rDNA bacteria thaw ponds Targeted loci environmental 1,039
Spatial Variation of Coastal Bacterioplankton Community along a Nitrogen and Phosphorus Co-pollution Gradient 1,024
Benthic microbial communities in the sediments of the Southern Ocean 1,017
Metagenomic investigation of the coastal region of south Gujarat using soil sample - Nargol, Umargam and Dandi 1,009
Deep Subsurface Basalts Targeted Locus (Loci) 1,006
Mid-Atlantic Ridge sediment Raw sequence reads 1,004
marine methane seep Targeted Locus (Loci) 996
Distinctive Microbial Community Structure in Highly Stratified Deep-Sea Brine Water Columns 990
Bacterial communities from Thrombolites of Lake Sarmiento 990
Marine planktonic ciliates: SSU rDNA 985
Sediment microbial community Random survey 983
Habitat and host related variation in sponge bacterial communities in Indonesian coral reefs and marine lakes 977
MiSeq 16S rRNA gene (archaeal 16S rRNA gene) sequences of 33 Mai Po sediments, including 18 samples from winter and 15 samples from summer 965
water sample Raw sequence reads 963
The effect of salinity in prokaryotic communities in an estuary 953
DOS-1 952
Anaerobic Photosynthetic Consortia 16s rRNA profiling 951
SB Marine Metagenome 949
Simulated crude oil seepage Caspian Sea Raw sequence reads 949
Deep Sea Sponge and Seawater Targeted Locus (Loci) 944
Hypersaline sapropels Targeted loci environmental 941
A diverse and metabolically active microbial community persists in deep subsurface clay borehole water 923
Appliaction of metagenomic technique for isolation of microbes from mangroves for potential use in biofertilization and bioremediation 915
uncultured marine eukaryote Targeted loci environmental 915
Specialists instead of generalists oxidize alkanes in anoxic marine hydrocarbon seep sediments 910
Ecological succession leads to chemosynthesis in mats colonizing wood in sea water 909
freshwater sediment metagenome Metagenome 906
Svalbard Targeted Locus (Loci) 904
16S rRNA gene pyrosequencing and clone library revealed highly diverse microbial communities in natural marine biofilms 889
ocean bacteria Metagenomic assembly 859
Bacteria Metagenome 856
Archaea microbial communities structure in the sediment and downarea soil of the Fengshuba Reservoir in the Guangdong Provinve, South China 854
Sippewissett Salt Marsh tide pool sediment Targeted Locus (Loci) 846
uncultured prokaryote Metagenome 838
Soil DNA extracted from Robinson Ridge, East Antarctica Raw sequence reads 830
marine Archaea metagenome 819
DOW-2 817
Microbial eukaryote Metagenome 815
Planktonic bacterial communities in the arctic Canada Basin and Kongsfjorden 807
Bacterial community composition in the naturally iron-fertilized region off Kerguelen Island (Southern Ocean). Targeted Locus (Loci) 804
Microbial induced mineral precipitations caused by nitrate treatment for souring control during microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR) 804
Variable Loading Conditions Influence Charge and Current Generation in Multi-Anode Environmental Microbial Fuel Cells 797
UK coast natural seawater Genome sequencing 795
Metagenetic analysis of the 18S nuclear small subunit ribosomal RNA gene of a mixed zooplankton assemblage was carried out using the 454 pyrosequencing platform. 794
USS-2 792
Organic matter from melting Arctic sea ice triggers bacterioplankton activity and diversity 786
Diversity, Ecology and Biogeochemistry of cyst-forming acantharia (Radiolaria) in the oceans 780
Uranium reducing microbial consortia, under alkaline conditions relevent to geological disposal 777
Microbial eukaryotes present in a Norwegian coastal ecosystem and in the gut content of Calanus copepods from Raunefjorden 775
sediment microorganisms nirK gene Raw sequence reads 764
solar evaporation pond sample Metagenome 761
Vertical stratification of microbial communities in the Red Sea revealed by 16S rDNA pyrosequencing 757
Coastal Marine Environment Targeted loci environmental 756
Illumina high-throughput sequencing of bacterial community 752
water sample Raw sequence reads 739
Amplicon sequences from naphthalene biodegradation in Arctic and temperate seawater 725
There are 3 zooplankton samples from 3 different ponds, we collected sample and use the fresh samples to do DNA extraction directly, then mix them with adjustment guided by the number of species within each of them. At last, use Hiseq-2599 PE-150 to do NGS work 724
Characteristics of bacterial communities in the deep sediment Lake Baikal from the regions with oil and gases discharging 716
Biogeography of subsurface prokaryotic communities along with sediment deposition of sediments 702
the diversity of anammox bacteria in the subterranean estuary 696
Canada Basin Metagenome 694
Swan lake bacteria Raw sequence reads 660
Marine photic zone, New Caledonia Lagoon raw sequence reads, nitrogenase amplicons 657
De novo whole metagenome sequencing studies 654
Ecological Genomics of the Eastern Tropical South Pacific Oxygen Minimum Zone Metagenome 645
2011 depth sediment Metagenome 644
Protistan plankton diversity along salt gradient 642
uncultured prokaryote Raw sequence reads 641
Anammox bacteria in sediment cores of Daya Bay, China 631
Metagenomic sequence from soil bacteria 622
Effect of climate-change induced glacier melting on the benthic prokaryotic diversity in the West Antarctic Peninsula 615
Bacterial and fungal diversity in Ashumet Pond, MA (USA), and prevalence of manganese-oxidizing isolates 605
Hatteras return: Oligotrich and choreotrich ciliates diversity at small scales 599
Meiobenthos nSSU metagenetic meiobenthic data 583
Biomonitoring of marine vertebrates in Monterey Bay using eDNA metabarcoding 581
DSW-2 551
Composition and genetic diversity of picoeukaryotes in subtropical coastal waters as revealed by 454 sequencing-by-synthesis 542
NEW-1 536
NEW-2 535
Sediment saline lake Grevelingen (Netherlands) Raw sequence reads 528
Marine metagenome ICM_LCR 518
CPN Metagenome 514
marine metagenome 513
Sediment sample Metagenome 510
Surfactant-associated bacteria in the near-surface layer of the ocean 507
Microbial mats and sediments from Atacama 502
Metagenome microbial communities of bottom sediments of the Kara Sea 502
KB34 Transcriptome or Gene expression 499
13C methanol SIP (WCO station L4) 498
Studies on archaeal communities from freshwater sediments based on 16S rRNA gene biomarker 494
Sequences obtained from two sponge genera (Hyrtios, Aiolochroia), one zoanthid (Palythoa), and marine sediments. Metagenome 490
Identification and activity of acetate-assimilating microorganisms in diffuse hydrothermal fluids 486
Bacterial ecology of sponges from Irish Waters 476
Bacterial community shift in the coastal Gulf of Mexico salt-marsh sediment microcosm in vitro following exposure to the Mississippi Canyon Block 252 oil (MC252) 475
Blue Mountains Swamp Archaea 472
sediment metagenome Raw sequence reads 466
Socompa Lake Stromatolite Shotgun Metagenomic Sequencing 461
Seawater sample Targeted Locus (Loci) 457
Enrichment metagenome 445
Anammox bacteria in surface sediments of South China Sea 442
Metazoan sequencing 441
Protistan communities of the upper Arctic Ocean (18S SSU-rRNA Targeted Locus) 437
Archaeal diversity of surface seawater (A3,A5,G3,G5) Targeted Locus (Loci) 430
DOM nutrient stress experiment bacterial communities 424
Characterization of bacterial communities associated With toxic Dinoflagellates: pyrodinium bahamense Var. compressum 420
Diversity and abundance of Bathyarchaeota (MCG) in South China Sea sediments and the implication of its ecological roles 414
Arctic sea-ice and sub-ice seawater raw sequence reads 405
MiSeq 16S rRNA gene (Thaumarchaeota 16S rRNA gene) sequences of 12 SCS sediments 405
Microbial eukaryotes in an Arctic under-ice spring bloom north of Svalbard. 403
Active microbial eukaryotes amidst a marine subsurface RNA paleome 402
Pyrosequencing reveals highly diverse and species-specific microbial communities in sponges from the Red Sea 390
Particulate methane monooxygenase diversity on an Arctic shelf 387
Saltern microbial community diversity 384
Marine metagenome ICM_AWP 384
Metagenomics Cabo Rojo Salterns 367
ARK26/3_Station212 Targeted Locus (Loci) 359
Metagenomics of Ojo de Campo 349
Microbial community structures of chimney in DODO and Solitaire hydrothermal fields 344
Uncultured marine eukaryotes Targeted Locus (Loci) 343
Pearl River Estuary sediments Targeted Locus (Loci) 343
Plankton sample collected from Nanaimo Harbour Targeted Locus (Loci) 337
Santa Barbara Channel cruise SBDOM11 bacterioplankton 16S rDNA 334
Active picoeukaryotes in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea 332
18S-V4 amplification of dinoflagellate cyst communities in the South China Sea 329
AT26-10 Crab Spa IGT incubations raw sequence reads 329
UCYN-A diversity in the Pacific 328
Mud volcano Metagenome 325
Porcupine Seabight 16S Ribosomal RNA 324
Surface sediment raw sequence reads 1 322
Microbial eukaryote community structure during early phytoplankton blooms in the naturally iron-fertilized Kerguelen area (Southern Ocean) Targeted Locus (Loci) 312
Marine sediment metagenome ICM_GMS 300
Fringing reef Metagenome 299
Metabolically active microbial communities in marine sediment under high-CO2 and low-pH extremes 299
Deep-sea post-eruption "snowblower" microbial blooms raw sequence reads 297
Enriched mixed culture from mangrove sediment with capability of producing 1,3-PDO from glycerol genome sequencing and assembly 295
Surface water bacteria Targeted Locus (Loci) 292
Novel Biphenyl Oxidizing Bacteria and Dioxygenase Genes from a Korean Tidal Mudflat 283
Pyrosequencing of bacterial community 278
Archaea diversity in marine sediment 277
Pyrosequencing reveals effect of increased pCO2 on bacterial assemblage shifts in response to glucose addition in Fram Strait seawater mesocosms 272
Uncultured eukaryote community Targeted loci environmental 268
Bayside Harbour, NS, Canada (plankton SSU library 454 sequencing) 267
Funtonal metagenomic of salt resistance 266
SCS SEATS Raw sequence reads 262
Enriched_Iron_Ore_metagenome 254
Lonar sediment Raw sequence reads 247
Marine phytoplankton Metagenome 246
seawater metagenome Metagenome 233
Island Metagenome 232
Marine sediment metagenome ICM_CFU 231
ASU barcoding in 5 regional seas 230
SMAR-T Raw sequence reads 229
Nanticoke Harbour, ON, Canada (plankton SSU 454 sequencing) 229
Protists tag sequencing of 18S rRNA HV 9 226
Marine sediment metagenome ICM_FIS 222
deep marine subsurface Raw sequence reads 216
Quantitative monitoring of environmental DNA using high-throughput sequencing 213
Microbial eukaryotes Metagenome 199
Marine microbial eukaryote community analysis in Korea 198
marine sample sequencing 191
sediment microorganism Metagenome 191
Impact of offshore oil drilling operations on the diversity of marine benthic Foraminifera - Raw sequence reads 189
Red Sea sediment 2011 Targeted Locus (Loci) 188
Diatom Community Composition CCS Diel 188
MiSeq 16S rRNA gene (archaeal 16S rRNA gene) sequences of 12 SCS sediments 188
seawater PCC7002M CCMP1334M Raw sequence reads 183
Targeted analyses of Dehalococcoidetes (phylum Chloroflexi) diversity and community structures in marine subsurface sediments. 178
Preservation of ancient eukaryotic DNA in methane hydrate-associated marine sediments. 166
Diesel contamination of Antarctic soils and sediments 164
Arabian sea sediment samples with protist reads Metagenome 163
Two metagenomes from outflow channels of Lost Hammer ultrasaline, perennial spring from Canadian High Arctic. 158
Marine metagenome ICM_DOF 151
Marine bacterial, archaeal and eukaryotic diversity and community structure on the continental shelf of the Western Antarctic Peninsula 148
Picocyanobacterial diversity in spring in the East China Sea and the East Sea (Targeted loci environmental) 140
Archaea Arctic Ocean Survey Targeted Locus (Loci) 126
How much do we know about marine metazoan biodiversity? Recent disclosures using second generation sequencing. 124
Baltic Sea Basin sediments diversity Raw sequence reads 119
Foraminifera 18S rDNA and rRNA diversity for fish farms biomonitoring 117
Pelagic Sediment Metagenome 116
Mount Hope Bay bacteria Targeted Locus (Loci) 114
Ocean Targeted Locus (Loci) 107
Archaeal diversity of Loki's Castle black smokers at the Arctic Mid-Ocean Ridge 99
uncultured bacterium Targeted Locus (Loci) 97
Marine sediment metagenome ICM_CRS 95
Seawater Metagenome 91
Microbes in drinking water and biofilms (18S rDNA amplicon study) 90
MiSeq 16S rRNA gene (archaeal 16S rRNA gene) sequences of 4 SCS sediments 90
Loihi Seamount basalts Targeted Locus (Loci) 87
Oxic sediment - Microbial Metagenome 86
Accuracy of protist diversity assessments: morphology compared to cloning and direct pyrosequencing of 18S rRNA genes and ITS regions using the conspicuous tintinnid ciliates as a case study 86
Marine metagenome ICM_ABR 84
Marine biomonitoring: predicting biotic indices from eDNA metabarcoding 83
Marine planktonic ciliates (phylum Ciliophora, subclasses Oligotrichia and Choreotrichia): SSU rDNA 80
Seawater coastal British Columbia 69
Amplicon-based sequencing of soil fungi from wood preservative test sites 67
Coral metagenome ICM_CCB 67
Oxic sediment - Extracellular Metagenome 65
Foraminifera Metagenome 64
L''Atalante sediment - Extracellular Metagenome 60
Marine sediment metagenome ICM_NZS 58
Baikal Archaea Metagenome 53
L''Atalante sediment - Microbial Metagenome 52
Marine metagenome ICM_VAG 51
Diversity and structure of benthic bacterial community from South-Eastern Pacific Ocean, Targeted Locus (Loci) 51
Peru margin subsurface 50
nifH diversity in the North Pacific Ocean 50
Thermokarst ponds Targeted Locus (Loci) 44
La Medee sediment - Extracellular Metagenome Metagenome 40
Detection and diversity of nitrite oxidoreductase alpha subunit (nxrA) gene of Nitrospina in the marine sediments 34
Arctic water Metagenome 34
Sediment Raw sequence reads 33
Marine metagenome ICM_SSD 30
Environmental Foraminifera Raw sequence reads 29
Symbiodinium ITS2 Arabian Seas 27
dsrB gene diversity in marine coastal sediments in Aarhus Bay, Denmark 23
Metagenetic analysis of copepod community in the tropical and subtropical Pacific 23
SJP and SJUP Metagenome 22
La Medee sediment - Microbial Metagenome Metagenome 22
Characterization of Microbial Community Structure and Population Dynamics of Tetrachloroethene-Dechlorinating Tidal Mudflat Communities using a Multipronged Approach 21
Marine metagenome ICM_CNE 19
Surface samples of the NW Pacific Ocean Targeted Locus (Loci) 17
Marine metagenome ICM_ICR 17
Marine metagenome ICM_AGW 17
Diversity of archaeal amoA gene 16
Marine sediment in Arctic Raw sequence reads 15
Turf_Chronosequence_16S_ITS 13
Lane 6 Analysis 13
Pronounced Seasonal Dynamics of Freshwater Chitinase Genes 11
Mediterranean Bathypelagic Habitat 10
nifH gene in KH-11-10 and KH-13-7 cruises 9
Bacterial communities in sediments of a boreal stream 8
Marine metagenome ICM_BSP 8
Microbial ecology of AOA community in sediment from adjacent waters of Rushan Bay 7
Vertebrate eDNA survey in nearshore marine environment 7
Fungal community across a tropical forest disturbance gradient 6
uncultured prokaryote Targeted Locus (Loci) 4
Fungal diversity associated with deep-sea asphalt seep mounds 4
DD_cyano Targeted loci environmental 3
Denitrification bacteria in sediment cores of Daya Bay, China 3
22V-SMAR-TVG10 Targeted Locus (Loci) 3
22V-SMAR-TVG01 Targeted Locus (Loci) 3
zooplankton environmental sample Metagenome 3
Niche separation of ammonia-oxidizing archaea by the Kuril Islands in the subarctic Northwestern Pacific 2
Hangzhou-sediment-sample Raw sequence reads 2
Networks depicting the fine-scale co-occurrences of fungi in soil horizons 1
lake sediment Raw sequence reads 1
seawater metagenome Raw sequence reads 1
Diversity of methyl alkyl succinate synthase genes in hydrocarbon seep sediments (Raw sequence reads) 1
Great Sippewissett Marsh Plot nirS Targeted Locus 1
dust metagenome Raw sequence reads 1
Diazotroph Community Structure and Distribution in the Kuroshio Current along the Tokara Strait Raw sequence reads 1
Marine metagenome ICM_BSR 0
Arctic Microbial response to oil and Corexit 0
Pyrosequencing of AOB community 0
Bacteria community in the southern East China Sea 0
sediment metagenome B2 Metagenome 0
marine metagenome Raw sequence reads 0
sediment metagenome metagenome A2 0
ZRCWU sediment metagenome Metagenome 0
Survey of xoxF diversity in different marine environments 0
freshwater sediment metagenome Raw sequence reads 0
Estuarine wetland Targeted Locus (Loci) 0
sediment metagenome metagenome L-T 0
Diversity of denitrifying bacteria in Sanya mangrove sediments 0
mcrA singapore mangrove Raw sequence reads 0
Diversity of diazotrophic bacteria in Sanya mangrove sediments 0
coastal sediment Raw sequence reads 0
East China Sea environmental 16S rRNA gene pyrosequencing 0
River sediments Metagenome 0
microbial community in an integrated constructed wetland Raw sequence reads 0
Estuarine wetland Targeted Locus (Loci) 0
Ammonia monooxygenase biogeography and sequence diversity in the Cape Fear Estuary 0
eDNA barcoding of protists for environmental monitoring of aquafarming activities 0
illumina high-throughput sequencing of AOB community 0
A comparison of eukaryote community composition in four contrasting sediments in the Celtic Sea 0
Microbial ecology of AOB community in sediment from adjacent waters of Rushan Bay 0
Marine picocyanobacterial community structure 0
Tyrolerfjord-Young Sound 16S raw sequence reads 0
Fungal communities across four coastal marine habitats in North Carolina, USA 0
Robertson Glacier Targeted Locus (Loci) 0
Coastal marsh sediment alkB, pmoA, and P450 gene survey 0
cultured bacteria from enrichment culture Raw sequence reads 0
Arabian Sea OMZ nirS Metagenome 0
srb of salt marshes Targeted loci environmental 0
Picocyanobacterial diversity in temperate marginal seas 0
Denitrifying communities in marine sediments incubated under different oxygen regimes. 0
Sediment microbial communities from Cattail constructed wetlands, Jinan, China - C-T Metagenome 0
marine plankton metagenome Targeted loci environmental 0
soil metagenome 0
Dispersant experiment using Pensacola beach water 0
Chesapeake Bay Sediment nirS Metagenome 0
Hydrocarbon biodegradation potential affected by geographical location, tempearture, and nutrient 0
Marine bacterium Metagenome 0
ETSP OMZ nirS Metagenome 0
sediment metagenome Metagenome 0
marine zooplankton environmental sample Targeted loci environmental 0
Deep sequencing of a DMSP-degrading gene (dmdA) in a coastal bacterioplankton community 0
Marine DNA/RNA samples from Western English Channel site L4 0
Diversity patterns of uncultured Haptophytes unravelled by pyrosequencing in Naples Bay 0
Characteristics of SRB community in Sediments from the East China Sea by high-throughput sequencing 0
A metagenetic approach for revealing community structure of marine planktonic copepods using Illumina MiSeq 0
marine metagenome Raw sequence reads 0
A metagenetic approach for revealing community structure of marine planktonic copepods 0
sediment metagenome B1 Metagenome 0
sediment metagenome Metagenome 0
Potential microbial consortium involved in biodegradation of diesel in mangrove sediment explored by metagenomics analysis 0
Zhoushan intertidal zone sediments Raw sequence reads 0
The study includes fungal genetic diversity assessment by ITS-1 next generation sequencing (NGS) analyses. The main the main experimental objects are soils of different classes, quality groups and also subjected to various agrotechnical treatments 0
Characteristics of SOB community in Sediments from the East China Sea by high-throughput sequencing 0
Latitudinal diversity patterns of pelagic copepods in the Pacific using metagenetic analysis 0