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Scottish Natural Heritageのデータセット名とデータ件数一覧

データセット名 データ件数
Species data for Scottish waters held and managed by Scottish Natural Heritage, derived from benthic surveys 1993 to 2014 164,133
Standing Waters Database - Scotland 80,889
SNH Bat Casework records 1970-2007 5,981
Reports of New Zealand Flatworms in Scotland, 1989 - 2005 1,936
Survey of distribution of beavers in Tayside in 2012 1,590
Compilation of records of 12 Article 17 terrestrial mammal species in Scotland 767
Stoats in Orkney: records & sightings reported to SNH, 2010 - 2015 656
Records of otters from Site Condition Monitoring in Scotland 2011-2012 633
Rare plants database extract from Scottish Natural Heritage 580
New Zealand Flatworm (Arthurdendyus triangulatus) records for Scotland 2008-2014 551
SNH Great crested newt records 405
Recovery of the medicinal leech Hirudo medicinalis in Scotland - Phase II 352
Site Condition Monitoring Records from surveys of lamprey species in five river SACs in Scotland 336
Expansion zone survey of pine marten (Martes martes) distribution in Scotland, 2012-2013 250
Stoats in Orkney Facebook page records & sightings, 2014 - 2015 246
The ecology of Najas flexilis (Slender naiad) 244
Wild boar sightings held by Andy Riches 205
The occurrence and distribution of Najas flexilis (Slender naiad) in Loch of Craiglush, Loch of the Lowes and Loch of Butterstone 170
Water vole survey of Beinn Eighe National Nature Reserve - October 2011 167
Lochaber wild boar/feral pig camera trap survey, 2015 163
Site Condition Monitoring of Marsh Fritillary on designated sites in west Scotland 2014-15 86
Survey of slender naiad, Najas flexilis, in Loch of Butterstone and Loch of Craiglush 73
Site condition monitoring of lamprey in the Endrick Water SSSI and SAC, 2012 50
Site Condition Monitoring of Annex II Vertigo species in Scotland 41
Information on capercaillie distribution collected during the 'Productivity of breeding Capercaillie Tetrao urogallus at sites across their Scottish r 36
Records of otters from surveys in relation to FCS casework in Angus, 2007 15
Wild boar culled on the National Forest Estate Scotland in 2015-16 11
Records of pine martens from SNH casework reports and licence applications, 2005 - 2016 9
Surveys of beavers in the Rivers Balvag, Leny and Teith in 2012 6
Survey of White-clawed crayfish Austropotamobius pallipes in Scotland 2