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Conservation of Arctic Flora and Faunaのデータセット名とデータ件数一覧

データセット名 データ件数
Database of the Distributions of Marine Fishes of Arctic Canada 65,535
Archives of the Arctic Seas Zooplankton 45,697
Phytoplankton from the White Sea, Barents Sea, Norwegian Sea and Arctic Basin 1993-2003 37,325
Arctic Species Trend Index (ASTI) : Marine 23,562
Arctic Species Trend Index (ASTI) : Terrestrial 20,727
Arctic benthic invertebrate collection of the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Science 17,943
Zooplankton Eastern Arctic Ocean Polarstern, 1995-1998 14,041
WhiteSeaPlankton 12,499
ZooplanktonNOGAP32b1986 11,090
Structure and function of contemporary food webs on Arctic shelves: A panarctic comparison. The pelagic system of the Kara Sea- communities and components of carbon flow 10,687
Disko Fan Conservation Area in the Davis Strait (Eastern Arctic) - Epibenthic Megafauna Database 9,594
Arctic Species Trend Index (ASTI) : Freshwater 9,450
ZooplanktonBeaufortSeaNOGAP2 9,366
Arctic Marine Fish Museum Specimens 9,254
Composition and distribution of the biomass of zooplankton in the central Arctic Basin 1975, 1976, 1977 9,139
ZooplanktonBeaufortSeaNOGAP1 8,058
ZINRAS_Arctic_Benthos 7,439
Laptev Sea and Nansen Basin Zooplankton, 1993 6,639
Zooplankton Abundancies White Sea, 1972 5,192
Abundance and diversity of the Amphipoda (Crustacea) from the Greenlandic shelf 4,872
CASES2003_2004 4,207
Benthos Chirnov Basin 1986 and 2002 3,435
The pre-winter 2007 vertical distribution of zooplankton in the Cape Bathurst and North Water polynyas, and Lancaster Sound, Canadian Arctic 3,345
Macrobenthos and Meiobenthos Tuktoyaktuk Harbor and Mason Bay 1985-1988 NOGAP 3,036
Macrobenthos Chukchi Sea, 1986 2,451
Zoobenthos data from the Southern Beaufort Sea, 1971-1975 2,212
Chucki_Seaooplankton1953/4 1,910
BenthosChukchiFN762_1976_Falk5 1,809
CASES: The pre-winter assemblages of southeastern Beaufort Sea 1,728
Benthic Microalgae Chukchi Sea, 1972 1,680
Structures and Nutrition Requirements of Macrozoobenthic Communities in the area of the Lomonossov Ridge, 1995-1998 1,677
Barents Sea Zooplankton – March and May 1998 and July 1999. Day/night stratified zooplankton sampling onboard the Norwegian R/V Jan Mayen. Program ALV 1,500
Zooplankton Bering Strait Tiglax 1991 1,271
Oceanexploration2002_vers4 1,163
The Ecology of the Inshore Marine Zooplankton of the Chukchi Sea near Point Barrow, Alaska 1,043
Circumpolar Seabird Monitoring Plan 1,029
On the composition of the benthic fauna of the western Fram Strait 850
Sea ice meiofauna abundance in coastal fast ice off Barrow, Alaska, with a focus on Scolelepis squamata (Polychaeta), 2005-2006 695
Megabenthos-Epibenthos Greenland 682
Spider species diversity from wet and dry habitats 652
Greenland macrobenthos 2006 597
IPOE_Schnack_Polychaeta 566
Barents Sea Zooplankton – March and May 1998 and July 1999. Zooplankton sampling on board the Norwegian R/V Jan Mayen, program ALV 508
Seasonal dynamics of sub-ice fauna below pack ice in the Arctic (Fram Strait) 499
IPOE_Benthos_Steffens 481
Zooplankton and Ichthyoplankton Data Collected from the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas during the R/V Mirai Cruise, September 2002 468
The Sea Ice Fauna of Frobisher Bay, Arctic Canada 1981 and 1982 287
Macrozoobenthos composition, abundance and biomass in the Arctic Ocean along a transect between Svalbard and the Makarov Basin 1991 266
Variability of benthic Foraminifera north and south of the Denmark Strait 262
Greenland Macrobenthos Young Sound, 1996 241
Species Composition and Abundance of Zooplankton in the Nearshore Beaufort Sea in Winter-Spring 1978-1980 207
Distribution and diversity of sipunculan fauna in high Arctic fjords (west Svalbard) 199
Canada_BasinMegabenthos2002 177
Diet, Tidal and Vertical Variations of Phytoplankton and Its Environment in Frobisher Bay, Canada, 1980 and 1981 144
Muskox Abundance 117
Distribution data of Arctic species of genus Microporella and Pseudoflustra gathered from museum collections 113
Under-ice Amphipods in the Greenland Sea and Fram Strait (Arctic): Environmental Controls and Seasonal Patterns Below the Pack Ice 66
SeaIceMeiofaunaCanadaBasin2002 40
Ice Algae Barents Sea 36
Sea Ice Nematodes 32
Ice Zooplankton Beaufort Sea 32
Ice Diatoms Arctic Basin 1977, 1980 24
Kittlitzs_murrelet 21
BenthosBarentsSeaPolarstern1991 11
Biology and Ecology of Cryopelagic Amphipods from Arctic Sea Ice Collected near Franz Josef Land in the summer of 1994 11
Ice Amphipods Canada Basin 10
Ice Amphipods Svalbard, 2000 7
Shebaplankton_Falk3 0
Taxonomy and zoogeography boundaries of pelagic ostracods in Svalbard waters, 2001-2006 0