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Title: DBCLS Multilingual Species Dictionary
Version: Pre-publication April 2009
Note: This dictionary is still under inspection. Please use at your own risk.

Director: Shoko Kawamoto, Ph.D. (DBCLS of ROIS)
Data collection and Database construction:
Kurihara Eisuke, MoS (DBCLS of ROIS)
Kouji Watanabe, BoS (DBCLS of ROIS)
Source selection: Osamu Ogasawara, Ph.D. (NIG of ROIS)
Scenario: Kousaku Okubo, M.D. & Ph.D. (NIG & DBCLS of ROIS)

This project is a part of Mext Integrated Database project (2006-2010)
Contracted by Research Organization of Information Systems(ROIS)
Executed at Database Center for LifeScience (DBCLS)
directed by Toshihisa Takagi, Ph.D.