JBIF: Japan Node of Global Biodiversity Information Faculty

Select a tab delimited file containing sample or observation data which you wish to register and click on the Submit button.
The selected file must be less than 10Mb and the file extension must be ".txt".

File for analysis
File encoding

The format of the input file should comply with Darwin Core as defined in About Darwin Core. Please refer to the following examples.
The file which has all items like the above example file with Darwin Core latest is automatically generated if all items are not in your file.

Output message

If there are no problems, the following message will be displayed.

Darwin Core 1.2

Darwin Core 1.4

Darwin Core Latest

Error Messages

If there are any problems encountered, the column with the error will be displayed. s system checks for the following issues.

  • Is the header row of the terms correct?
  • Does the data contains multibyte text such as Japanese characters
  • Is the number of columns in each row appropriate? (DwC1.2:49, DwC1.4:69, DwC latest:162)
  • Does each row contain the required terms?
  • Does each value meet the input standards?
  • Is there any redundant data in each row where uniqueness is required?
  • Is the date in the recommended date format?

The following messages will be displayed if any of the above mentioned criteria are not met.

Header row is incorrect

If the data contains multibyte characters

There are too many columns in a row.

Required terms are missing

The input values do not conform to the stipulated format

There are duplicated values for InstitutionCode, CollectionCode and CatalogNumber.

There is a duplicated value for GlobalUniqueIdentifier.

DateLastModified is not in the recommended date format but it can be auto-corrected. For example: 2007-4-12
You can download the auto-corrected data file.

DateLastModified is not in the recommended date format and the values cannot be auto-corrected. For example: 2007-04.12T00:00:00J